About us

The beginnings of our activity in the film industry date back to 2010. It was then that we began working with the New York-based Grassroots Films studio and its leading director and producer Joseph Campo.

This translated into the organization and implementation of several hundred unique special screenings of such films as, among others: The Human Experience, Outcasts. This distribution model took place in 2010-2017. It reached over a dozen countries and reached half a million viewers.

Since 2014, we have been producing documentaries and co-creating television programs. Our first documentary production Ostaniec, was dedicated to the youth parish football club from Ursynów in Warsaw. Subsequent films, already made abroad, i.e. in Israel, Kenya, Uganda, Bolivia, Zambia and the USA, tell about human rights in these regions, about trafficking in human beings, about helping orphans or the poorest, about bearing testimony of faith, presenting a variety of backgrounds for the above-mentioned social problems and people who try to face them, involved in helping such environments.

By the end of 2019, such productions as: House of Peace, Certainty, GiG Inwestycja w Młodzież, Ojcowie z Górki and Aussie Boys were created. A particularly important short fiction film for us is Wypad, which tells the story of the Warsaw Uprising of the late prof. Witold Kieżun.